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Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering Section caters the Research, Development, Training and Extension services in two important disciplines viz., Irrigation Water Management and Farm Mechanization.
Water is most scarce and costly input in sugarcane cultivation and its availability in right quantity at the right time has become major constraint in achieving sustainable sugarcane production. Realizing the importance of water as a scarce national resource, its efficient utilization for crop like sugarcane by most scientific way is the need of an hour.
Since 1986, this section is engaged in Research, Development, Extension and Training activities related to sugarcane irrigation water management at its campus and sugar mills in the state with the mission to bring about improvement in economic status of sugarcane farmers by application of an appropriate, innovative, modern and cost-effective strategy as regards to sugarcane water management.
Farm Mechanization is achieved through the design, development, testing and adaptation of farm implements and machinery utilizing different sources of power. Sugarcane farming is very laborious, time consuming, and thus expensive. The farm labor is becoming scarce and expensive day by day. It is also necessary to reduce the cost of cultivation of sugarcane. With these objectives, the Agriculture Engineering section has started developing various equipments for farm mechanization in sugarcane crop. The farm equipments for sugarcane planting, earthing-up and harvesting are being developed and studied.

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