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Research and Development


Economics Section undertakes studies that are continuous over successive planting and crushing seasons. Also, it has carried out periodic case studies.
Experiment No. EC1:
Assesment of varietywise and seasonwise area under sugarcane in Maharashtra State. (Continuous study)
Experiment No. EC2:
Assesment of varietywise seed area under sugarcane in Maharashtra State. (Continuos study)
Experiment No. EC3:
To evaluate performance of sugar factories In Maharashtra State.
Experiment No. EC4:
Study status and potential of cogeneration in sugar factories in Maharashtra State. (Case study)

Past Research Programs

Following are some important projects that were carried out during last decade;

Study per hectare cost of cultivation of preseason sugarcane ( 2001-02)
Partially adopted research recommendation specially in regards to use of seed material, organic manures, fertilizers and plant protection resulting into low yields and ultimately less benefit to farmers. This study shows need of adoption of full recommendation i.e management of crop affects B:C ratio
Extent of adoption of improved practices under wider space planting system (5 feet) and its impact on sugarcane yield (2002-03)
Partial adoption of inputs and management practices leads lower yield under wider space planting system. In general farmers who had adopted research recommendations have got better yield. There is need to popularize the improved crop production technology among cane growers which will ensure reduction in cultivation cost and maintain productivity.
Assessment of varietywise area under sugarcane in Maharashtra 1998-99 to 2008-09 ( Continuous project)
This study shows how the varietal change helped in improving sugar recovery % and productivity in Maharashtra State. This continuous research project was found very beneficial to policy maker
Studies on effect of varity wise harvesting schedule on sugar recovery (1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-02 & 2003-04)
Regression analysis made on varietal crushing schedule and sugar recovery reveals that there is definite impact of varietal combination used for crushing on sugar recovery . This analysis helped to understand which varietal combination helped to rise in sugar recovery of sugar factory. Thus chalk out planting – harvesting schedule of suagr factory
Assessment of varietywise seed area under sugar factories in Maharashtra State (2001-02, 2003-04, 2004-05 & 2008-09)
From this study it was observed that, as there is gap between required and actual seed area pertaining to foundation and certified seed, more efforts are required to be made by sugar factories for taking seed nursery program under cane development program to bridge this gap so that good quality of seed in three tier system will be given to farmers and there by yield could be increased. This study was taken to stress importance of three tier system, to study gap between required and actual seed area for benefits of decision makers.
Impact assessment of Dnyanyag Program on sugarcane cultivators in Maharashtra (2003-04)
In plant cane, 86.59% mean level of knowledge and 70.23% mean level adoption with 2.22 B:C ratio, also 96.26% farmers had high attitude towards Dnyanyag program has shown positive impact on cane cultivators and cultivation. This analysis reflects overall impact of Dnyanyag program, the training program organized every years by Vasantdada Sugar Institute , Pune for benefit of farmers in Maharashtra
Study use of multinutrient liquid fertilizer and impact on sugarcane cultivation (2005-06)
The study reveled that the average yield of liquid ferilizer used farm and non-user farm was 128.4 and 116.6 ton respectively, while B:C ratio was 1.82 and 1.61 on user and non-user farm. Also attitude of the fertilizers and preference given substantial contribution in increase in yield shows that Multinutrient liquid fertilizer has positive impact on sugarcane cultivators. This study reflects impact, attitude and adoption towards this liquid fertilizer produced by Vasantdada Sugar Institute
Study impact of drought situation and Woolly Sugarcane Aphid (WSA) on sugarcane in Maharashtra State (2005-06 to 2007-08)
Study reflects decrease in area, productivity and sugar recovery % by Infestation of Woolly Sugarcane Aphid and drought than how position recovered. This projects gives indication to farmers regarding biocontrol working and climatic condition effects on yield and recovery % cane

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