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Implementation of various types of continuous fermentation processes for molasses based distillery with fermentation efficiency of over 90%, steam consumption of 2-2.2 litre/litre Rectified Spirit and spentwash reduction from 15-16 litre (batch process) to 7-8 litre/litre Rectified Spirit.

Introduction of pressure vacuum distillation system based on PLC scada control for improved quality of alcohol.

Anaerobic digestion of high strength spentwash from a continuous fermentation process.

Development of potential yeast cultures for alcoholic fermentation e. g. Culture supplied by VSI to Saswad Mali Sugars Ltd. has given excellent results. They have achieved almost 12.00% (v/v) alcohol concentration in fermentation broth. This is probably the highest alcohol concentration reported in fermentation by Indian distillery using “C” heavy molasses.

Prepared 25 DPR and 42 tender documents in the year 2008-09 for member and non-member distilleries.
Secured consultancy and DPR preparation assignments for member and other reputed distilleries/organizations such as Dharani Sugars & Chemicals Ltd., Jamkhandi Sugars Ltd., Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd., Grainotch Industries Ltd., Viraj Industries Ltd., Ankur Biochem Private Ltd., Lok B. P SSK, Ghodganga SSK, Majalgaon SSK, Nira Bhima SSK, Bhima SSK, Sahakar Shiromani V. K. SSK, Pandurang SSK, Manjara SSK, Vikas SSK, Tamilnadu Cooperative Sugar Federation etc.

Completed the work on Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), sponsored project on “Development of guidelines for water conservation in distilleries” and the final report was submitted to CPCB. Funding for new research project was received from CPCB on “Evaluation of technologies for biomethanation of distillery spent wash and further treatability studies”.

Represented VSI successfully at International Technical Symposium-2008 organized by AIDA and presented two papers.

Completed CREP project report preparation work for almost all member distilleries. A Committee consisting of representatives of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), Commissioner of Sugar and VSI approved all reports prepared by us. We have provided full technical support and guidance to all member distilleries to undertake the CREP work.

Successful placements of students of Alcohol Technology course. This year almost all students are reported to have secured jobs through campus placement..

Due to efforts of Alcohol Technology department, the performance of member distilleries has improved consistently. Last three years data is given below (See Distillery Performance Statistics >>)

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