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Library (HRD)

The role of library in any organization and in a research establishment is of paramount importance. Its efficient performance in making available various inputs with regard to knowledge, help its clients in using the data base in their regular research work and also in writing research papers and articles.

The Institute’s Library is the most important information center for the timely fulfillment of the vital information for sugar and allied industry and having one of the world’s largest and most accessible scientific and technical information in relation to sugarcane cultivation and processing. The library is having total collection of 18,967 books. Important subjects covered by library are Sugarcane Cultivation, Sugar Manufacturing, Sugar Engineering, By-products,
Instrumentation, Environmental Science and Engineering, Alcohol Technology, Wine Technology, Biotechnology, Management, Electronics and Computers and many more Scientific and Technical subjects. It has a rich collection of periodicals on various scientific and technological subjects. Total 184 national & international periodicals are subscribed by the library which includes 25 international periodicals.
Library gives services such as Reference service, Reprography service, Inter-library-loan, Internet facility etc. Due to the open access system students can use the textbooks, encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, conference proceedings for their information needs.

The vast pool of information available with library serves as reference and information dissemination centre for staff and students of various courses, professors and research fellows from various Institutions including sugar and allied industries. In-house data base searches are carried out by using Compact Discs from CAB International data base for agriculture and related technologies. This plays an important role in dissemination of information within the industry.

The CD-ROM databases available in the library provides access to much larger store of information which can be searched efficiently. It also provides list of books, list of various internet web-sites of sugar and allied industries, such as F.O.Lichts, International Sugar Organization (ISO), World Sugar Research Organization (WSRO), etc.

The Institute is a member of various scientific and research organizations such as ASSCT (Australia), ISSCT (Mauritius), WSRO (U.K.), SIT (USA), ICSB, Society for In-Vitro Biology (USA), STAI (India), etc. The information received from these organizations is made available to the users.


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