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Contact Details

Manjari Budruk, Tal.: Haveli, Dist.: Pune
Maharashtra State, India, Pin – 412307
EPABX: – 91–020–26902100 (Hunting 15 Lines)
Fax: – 91–020–26902244
Website: –
Email: – (VSI Communications/ Administration) (Webmaster, VSI)

Key Personnel Information, Contact and Webmail Details
Name Designation Phone Ext.
Director General Office
Shivajirao C.Deshmukh Director General 103/ 211
M.Vamdevan P.S. to D.G. 103/ 211
A.A.Prabhavalkar Statistical Officer & Website I/c. 103/ 211
Sugar Technology
Dr.R.V.Dani Technical Advisor & Head 321
Dr.R.N.Bhosale Technical Advisor 323
Dr.V.P.Sidnale Senior Sugar Technologist 323
S.Anandkumar Senior Sugar Technologist 326
D.B.Sapkal Senior Sugar Technologist 324
S.D.Borawake Technical Officer 324
R.R.Patil Technical Officer 324
L.S.Dalvi Senior Analytical Chemist 325
M.A.Girgel Senior Lab Assistant 325
Sugar Engineering
K.R.Patil Technical Advisor & Head 301
T.S.Ingle Technical Advisor 307
S.B.Thorat Technical Advisor 302
U.A.Kulkarni Technical Advisor 311
R.A.Chandgude Technical Advisor 305
P.G.Patil Technical Advisor 304
S.S.Sastry Joint Technical Advisor 306
S.P.Nalawade Joint Technical Advisor 306
P.U.Deshmukh Joint Technical Advisor 309
R.P.Takle Senior Electrical Engineer 312
D.N.Shitole Senior Sugar Engineer 309
A.B.Kotkar Sugar Engineer  
S.L.Desai Sugar Engineer  
Department of Alcohol Technology
Dr.S.V.Patil Technical Advisor & Head 341
Dr.K.R.Konde Joint Technical Advisor 342
R.V.Godge Scientist 342
D.A.Patil Scientist 344
S.A.Patil Technical Officer 350
R.V.Burase Technical Officer 350
A.B.Deshmukh Technical Officer 338
Dr.S.T.Devkar Technical Officer 338
R.S.Patil Assistant Technical Officer 350
R.N.More Assistant Technical Officer 348
Mrs.N.M.Naik Assistant Technical Officer 338
Department of Environmental Sciences
Dr.Deepali Nimbalkar Senior Scientist & Head 343
Dr.A.B.Deshmane Scientist 347
Dr.E.P.Alhat Scientific Officer 346
V.P.Patil Research Assistant 346
Instrumentation Technology
D.N.Gare Instrumentation Engineer 331
S.R.Mahajan Technical Officer 332
S.G.Kaduskar Assistant Instrumentation Engineer 332
Electronics and Computers
A.N.Jamadar Electonics Engineer & Head 351
B.L.Bhosale Scientist 353
N.M.Patil Electronics Engineer 353
Agriculture Science and Technology
Crop Production Division
Agriculture Engineering
P.P.Shinde Scientist & Head 264
P.V.Ghodke Scientist 243
Soil Science
Dr.P.S.Deshmukh Scientist & Head 279
S.K.Sabale Scientist 279
Mrs.J.P.Kharade Scientific Officer 279
B.V.Undre Scientific Officer 279
S.A.Surwase Scientific Officer 279
Agriculture Microbiology
Mrs.S.D.Ghodke Scientific Officer & In-charge Head 267
U.S.Manjul Scientist 269
Dr.M.W.Pawar Technical Officer 269
Mrs.K.G.Nigde Scientific Officer 269
B.G.Mali Scientific Officer 269
Farm Development and Management
S.S.Katake Scientist & Farm Manager 245
R.N.Gaikwad Scientific Officer (Naigaon Farm) --
N.V.Shipurkar Technical Officer (SBC, Amboli Farm) 02363- 203001
H.B.Patil Scientific Officer (Vasantdada Farm) 020- 20261749
Crop Protection Division
Agriculture Entomology
R.G.Yadav Scientist 255
Agriculture Plant Pathology
B.H.Pawar Senior Scientist & Head 268
Crop Improvment Division
Plant Breeding
Dr.R.S.Hapse Principal Scientist & Head 246
Dr.J.M.Repale Senior Scientist 247
Dr.K.V.Sushir Senior Scientist 249
P.R.Hapse Scientist 247
Dr.S.D.Talekar Scientist 249
D.S.Pawar Scientist 247
Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
Dr.K.Harinathbabu Senior Scientist & Head 233
Dr.R.M.Devarumath Scientist 235
Tissue Culture
Dr.P.N.Tawar Senior Scientist & Head 291
Mrs.R.A.Sawant Scientist 293
Dr.S.G.Dalvi Scientific Officer 292
Dr.A.A.Nikam Scientific Officer 292
R.B.Bhoite Scientific Officer 293
Statistics and Informatics
M.R.Shinde Senior Statistician 161
B.J.Takalkar Scientific Officer 249/ 251
Mrs.S.U.Joshi Finance Officer 112
V.N.Pawar Finance Officer 115
N.S.Pathan Librarian 151
Mrs.C.S.Namol Senior Library Assistant 151
T.P.Patil Adiminstration Manager 121
S.S.Gaikwad Junior Administration Officer 122
R.S.Gangele Personnel Manager 114
Mrs.S.V.Joshi Personal Assistant 113
V.D.Ghule Assistant Material Officer 316
D.S.Nelekar Junior Engineer 286
S.R.Khengare Chief Accountant 131
E.A.Ghule Assistant Accounts Officer 132
G.C.Mhatre Assistant Accounts Officer 132
P.G.Patil Assistant Accounts Officer 132
B.K.Patil Assistant Accounts Officer 132
D.B.Ghule Registrar 171
S.N.Band Senior Typist 172
Hostel 182
S.S.Jagtap Deputy Civil Engineer/ Site Incharge 192
B.P.Manjare Civil Draftsman 192
S.A.Dawari DTP Operator 195

To Call from outside directly, please dial 020 26902 and the required extension (Ext. 3 digits). Country code - India +91.
For example, to call the telephone operator directly from outside dial number 020 26902 100 or +91 20 26902 100.

To email the official webmail email address of any VSI employee, our standard email address format with a period (.) sign without any spaces in between is
<first initial><middle initial>.<surname>
For example, if employee name is A.B.Xyz, then email address is


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