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VSI's mission

The Indian Sugar Industry is the second largest among the agro-based processing industries in India after the textile industry with around Rs.30000 crore (Rs.3000 millions) of turnover. The Sugar Industry has played a major role in integrating rural development. In India more than 550 sugar factories are now installed. More than 45 million sugarcane growers and their dependents are directly related to the Sugar Industry and itself is the largest employer in rural areas, providing work for about 0.4 million people.

VSI’s mission as a R&D Organization is to bring about improvement in the socio-economic status of sugarcane grower farmers through research by providing to them new and cutting edge technologies by undertaking or helping to carry on research and other scientific work in connection with the trade or industry related to sugarcane/ sugarbeet or other sugar bearing plants, sugar by-products and allied industries in India.

The Institute strives for an all-encompassing progress of the Indian Sugar Industry and to achieve objectives it operates mainly through three channels namely: Academic, Extension and Research.


The Institute is established to fulfil a definite mandate in respect of Research, Training and Development in the sugar industry. The Institute aims at:

  1. A Carrying out well-planned, need-based, time-bound, result-oriented research.
  2. Imparting training to the staff of sugar factories, related industries and also to key personnel as well as sugarcane cultivators.
  3. Undertaking development activities in sugar factories for improving their techno-economic efficiency.

All-out and concerted efforts are continuously made to achieve these aims. In keeping with the pace of development in the world, the Institute strives hard to meet the new challenges in all the areas of research in the major fields of:

  1. Agricultural Sciences and Technology.
  2. Sugar Technology.
  3. Sugar Engineering.
  4. Alcohol Technology.
  5. Environmental Sciences.
  6. Electronics and Computer.
  7. Instrumentation.

Under the development activities technical services are provided to member sugar factories. These include:

  1. Advisory, consultancy and extension services.
  2. Repairs and maintenance of instruments.
  3. Survey and information services.
  4. Guidance in modernisation / expansion / co-generation and establishing new sugar units.
  5. Varietal and seasonal planning for better sugarcane production and.
  6. Operational research to test the utility of research findings for adoption.

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