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Sugarcane Breeder Seed Production
under Mega Seed Project (ICAR)

Why Mega Seed Project?
Sugarcane productivity is stagnant from last decade at national level in general and Maharashtra State in particular. This is not due to water scarcity but also because of use of poor quality sugarcane seed material and monoculture. The farmers are using the same age-old planting material year after year.

Mega Seed Project
The institute launched a massive breeder’s seed production program of improved sugarcane varieties under Mega Seed Project.
Breeder Seeds SugarcaneThe Institute has a well equipped farm area of around 153.5 hectares to produce good quality planting material and it is supplied to sugar mills every year. Sugar mills will produce foundation seeds on their farm. Further, these foundation seeds are supplied by sugar mills for the production of certified seeds on selected farmer’s fields. This Seed Multiplication chain increases sugarcane productivity by 15 to 20%.

  1. Sugarcane breeder seeds are available for sale. Seeds are supplied on an average of two-eye budded setts.
  2. Rate of 1000 setts of two-eye budded setts
    (including cutting and loading charges of seed cane, w.e.f 01.05.2017)
      Existing Varities
    (CoC671, Co86032, CoM0265, VSI434, CoVSI9805, CoVSI03102)
    Recent Released / Pre-released Varieties
    (VSI08005, MS10001)
    For member sugar mills & Agriculture Departments
    (Maharashtra State)
    Rs.850.00 Rs.950.00
    For non-member sugar mills, Individual farmers & Outside Maharashtra State sugar mills Rs.900.00 Rs.1000.00
  3. Breeder’s seed production program has been taken on 40.97 hectare area during planting season 2017-2018. For planting season 2018-2019, approximately 17.88 million of two-eye budded setts and 30 lakh one eye bud settling will be available for sale.
  4. Breeder seeds distribution will start from 01st August 2017.
  5. The institute has activated single bud settling production program on large scale at Institute's Naigaon farm and Lonarwadi farm. Settlings are supplied on 60 days after booking with 50% advance payment in pro-tray.
  6. Rate of one pro-tray of forty two cups is Rs.126/- (Rs.3 per seedling).
  7. Payment Terms:
    Breeder seeds of the following varieties will be made available as per prior demand with 50% advance payment by RTGS/ NEFT Fund Transfer / Demand Draft (DD) in favor of VASANTDADA SUGAR INSTITUTE payable at Pune. Balance 50% payment needs to be paid at the time of lifting of seeds material.
Varietywise Production & Expected availability of Seeds
Seed production
during 2017-2018
Varietywise seed availibility
during 2018-2019
One eye bud settling production on demand basis
(in lakhs)
Sugarcane Varieties
Two-eye budded setts
(in millions)
Coc 671 0.97 0.48 0.20
Co 86032 12.95 6.47 0.75
CoM 265 3.90 1.95 1.50
Co VSI 9805 0.16 0.08 0.10
VSI 434 1.35 0.67 0.10
Co VSI 03102 1.15 0.57 0.10
Co VSI 8005* 19.07 7.62 25.00
MS 10001* 1.42 0.71 3.00
Total 40.97 17.88 30.00
*Promising genotypes, ** Sugarcane settling distribution is going on.
1 million = 10 Lakhs
For details, please contact by email: Scientist/ Farm Manager
Phone: +91-020-26902245/ 242
Mobile: 09423386262/ 08446386262

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