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Papers published by VSI scientists & technologists(year 1998-99)
  • V.T. Amodkar & S.Joshi - Effect of levels and sources of sulphur on cane yield and juice quality - Proceedings of 47th Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune: 1998, Page A-45 to A-54
  • A.V. Bendigeri & M.W. Pawar - Cane yield, sugar recovery and area as influenced by seasonwise rainfall in different districts of Maharashtra - Proceedings of 47th Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune: 1998, Page A155 to A-168
  • A.V. Bendigeri, M.W. Pawar & S.B.Jadhav - Minimising the cost on chemical fertilizers by use of agro-products in cane cultivation - Proceedings of 60th Annual Convention of STAI, Simla: 1998, 93-99
  • A.V. Bendigeri & M.W. Pawar - Efficiency of isoproturon(Ardon) in combination with 2A-D as weed control in sugarcane - 8th Bi-annual Conference of ISWS held at Varanasi
  • A.V. Bendigeri & M.W. Pawar - Chemical weed control in preseasonal sugarcane variety CoM 88121 - 8th Bi-annual Conference of ISWS Varanasi 1999
  • A.S. Deshmukh, S.S.Katke, T.K.Balwe & S.B. Jadhav - Automatic drip irrigation based on soil moisture sensing - National Workshop on Micro-irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation at New Delhi 1998
  • A.S. Deshmukh, P.P. Shinde & S.S. Katke - Role of drip irrigation in increasing water use efficiency of sugarcane - National Seminar on Irrigation Water Management at VSI, 1998
  • A.S. Deshmukh & S.B.Jadhav - Important points from inaugural address by Dr.R.S.Paroda - Bhartiya Sugar 24, (4) 1999; 17-18
  • A.S. Deshmukh & S.B.Jadhav - Recommendations of national seminar on irrigation water management for sugarcane - Bhartiya Sugar 24(5) 1999;9-21
  • R.S.Hapase, S.S. Patil & J.M. Repale - Genotype and environmental interaction of sugarcane varieties in Satpuda,Tapi valley in Khandesh region - Proceedings of 60th Annual Convention of STAl, Simla, 1998 Agri. 114-122
  • Snehal Joshi & N.A.Zende - Biofertilizers and organic manures under sugarcane spaced transplanting - Proceedings of 60th Annual Convention of STAI. Simla: 1998, Agri. 105- 113
  • Snehal Joshi & A.N.Salunkhe - Economics of using biofertilizers and STP method in sugarcane cultivation - Proceedings of SISSTA convention 1998, 29-32
  • A.S.Patil - Integrated control of sugarcane pests - 47th Annual Convention of DSTA Pune 1998
  • A.S.Patil & S.K.Dorage - Integrated control of leaf hopper, Arboridio species/ a new pest of sugarcane - ISSCT Conference New Delhi: 1998, Proc. entomology
  • M.W.Pawar & A.V.Bendigeri - Efficiency of triazine (amytrin) as weed control in sugarcane variety Co 8014 - 8th Bi-annual Convention of ISWS Waranasi 1999
  • A.N.Salunkhe - Performance of different sugarcane planters as compared to manual planting - Proceedings of Internat. Agri. Engg.Conference: 1998 Bangkok; Thailand
  • P. P. Shinde, A.S. Deshmukh & S.B. Jadhav - Fertigation studies under drip irrigation in sugarcane agriculture - Proceedings of National Seminar on Irrigation Water Management for Sugarcane, VSI, 1998
  • P. P. Shinde, S.B. Jadhav & A.S.Deshmukh - Field studies of drip irrigation in sugarcane agriculture - WICER, Bhuvaneshwar
  • P. P. Shinde & S.B.Jadhav - Drip irrigation in sugarcane: an experience in India - Proceedings of Internat. Agri. engg.Conference: 1998 Bangkok; Thailand
  • M.N.Kotasthane - Codex Alimentarious Commission, Part-I - 47th Annual Convenvention, DSTA 1998 Part: I, M-62 to M-66
  • M.N.Kotasthane - Sugar factories and sugar recoveries in Marathwada region (Marathi) - Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth Journal "Sheti-Bhati" 1998, 19
  • M.N.Kotasthane - Technical abbreviations in sugar Industry - "Sugar India" year book 1998-99, 7
  • M.N.Kotasthane - Technical efficiencies of sugar-factories in Maharashtra - "Sakhar Diary",1999
  • Y.B.Pawar, G.K.Salunkhe - Some measures of minimising sugar loss during sugar-processing - 47th Annual Convention DSTA, 1998, M-24
  • S. B. Pendse & S. P. Pachpute - Boiler water problem Reasons and Remedies - 60th Annual Convention STAI, Simla: 1998 Proceedings E17-E26
  • S.D.Borude - Co-generation of power: Case studies - Seminar by MEDA in Kolhapur 25.3.1998
  • S.D.Borude - Co-generation of power: case studies - Seminar by DSTA, Ugar Sugar Works 1998
  • K.R.Patil - Lubrication engineering in sugar industry: Part I - 47th Annual Convention, DSTA, Pune,1998 E51-E69
  • K.R.Patil - Lubrication engineering in sugar industry Part II - 60th Annual Convention STAI, Simla: 1999, Proc. E56-E72
  • K.R.Patil - Modelling of sugarcane mill - ISSCT & STAI Seminar, New Delhi 1999 Proceedings, Engg & Energy, 201 - 224
  • D.B.Sapkal & B.B.Gunial - Water recycling in sugar factory and its effect on water economy - 47th Annual Convention DSTA, Pune, 1998, Proc. Part I: M-66-71
  • D.S.Nimbalkar, B.B.Gunial, P. Kumar, P.V. Arya & Jitendra Kumar - Effect of agitation speed on the performance of an anaerobic CSTR treating distillery spentwash - 60th Annual Convention, STAI, Simla, 1998, Proc.General & Co-products, 3-13
  • B.B.Gunial - Managing fermentation for alcohol production with special reference to contamination problem - DSTA Bulletin January 1999
  • T.G.Kolekar & V.S.Keskar - HPLC and cane staling determination - Internat. Sugar Journal, 100 (1199E): 1998; 532-536
  • A.D.Kulkarni, S.K. Sable, A.V. Yewale & J.D.Mane - Evaluation of assays of mill sanitation chemicals - 60th Annual Convention, STAI, Simla: 1998, Proceedings, M-32
    36 S.M.Chavan & S.D.Borawake - Application of enzymes for the removal of starch and dextran during sugar manufacturing process: A plant scale study - 60th Annual Convention, STAI, Simla, 1998, Proc. Byproducts, B1-B3
  • VS.Dhamankar, N.A.Zende & R.B.Natu - Evaluation of filter-cake composition from different sugar factories in Maharashtra - 60th Annual Convention, STAI, 1998 Proceedings, M42-46
  • J.D.Mane, S.P.Pachpute & S.P.Phadnis - Effects of hydrogen peroxide treatment one cane syrup - International Sugar Journal, 100(1993), 1998, 210-212.

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