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Papers published by VSI scientists & technologists(year 2004-05)
  • R. S. Hapase and J. M. Repale, Variability studies of some quantitative and qualitative characters in sugar varieties, Indian Sugar; L 111, 2004, 205-210
  • J. M. Repale and R. S. Hapase, Performance of promising sugarcane genotypes at VSI, Part 1, Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune, 2004, A 1-5
  • J. M. Repale and R. S. Hapase, Evaluation of newly developed sugarcane genotypes at Warana Valley in Maharashtra, ibid, A 6-1 0
  • M. W. Pawar, S. S. Joshi, D. B. More and N. A. Zende, Economics of different weedicides in sugarcane and regression of yield contributing parameters, ibid, A 51-60
  • A. S. Deshmukh, P. P. Shinde, S. S. Katake & A. N. Salunkhe, Evaluation of fan-jet irrigation system in sugarcane, ibid, A 34-39
  • S. B. Magar, V. D. Shinde and R. N. More, Sugarcane white fly, Aleurolobus barodensis and its management, ibid, A 128-135
  • B. H. Pawar, V. C. Vasekar and A. S. Patil, Evaluation of genotypes/ varieties for resistance to smut disease under artificial disease conditions at field level, ibid, A 110-114
  • S. D. Kamthe, R. J. Gangurde and Y. S. Nerkar, Performance evaluation of sugarcane cutter planter, ibid, 101 – 109
  • S.D. Kamthe, S. Jain and R.N.S. Yadav, Adoption of sugarcane cutter planter in Maharashtra State, Proceedings of the 39th Convention of Indian Institute of Agriculture Engineers, Hyderabad, 2005
  • M. W. Pawar and Snehal Joshi, Effect of foliar application of phosphorous and micronutrients on cane yield and sugar yield, Proceedings of the National Seminar on Plant Physiology (University of Pune and Indian Society for Plant Physiology, New Delhi), 2004, 184 (abstract)
  • V. T. Amodkar, Snehal Joshi and M. W. Pawar, Effect of sources and levels of sulphur on sucrose metabolism, enzyme activities in sugarcane and their correlation with leaf suplhur, ibid, 184 (abstract)
  • Y. S. Nerkar, Tissue culture plantlets in the seed chain in sugarcane, ibid (presentation)
  • R. S. Hapase and J. M. Repale, Performance of new sugarcane genotypes at VSI, Proceedings of the 66th Annual Convention of STAI, Chandigarh, 2004; Agri. 86-95
  • P. P. Shinde, A. S. Deshmukh and S. S. Katake, Water management with rain-gun sprinkler irrigation in sugarcane, ibid; Agri. 29-32
  • A. S. Patil, V. D. Shinde, S. B. Magar, R. G. Yadav and Y. S. Nerkar, Sugarcane woolly aphid (Ceratovacuna lanigera Zehnt), its history and control measures, (a) ibid; Agri. 133-155 (b) Co-operative Sugar; 36 (1), 2004, 37-48
  • P. P. Shinde and A. S. Deshmukh, Sugarcane ratooning under drip and raingun sprinkler irrigation for sugarcane, Proceedings of the National Seminar on Relevance of Microirrigation for Sugarcane, VSI, Pune; 2005; 212-218
  • A. S. Deshmukh, P. P. Shinde, S. S. Katake and A. N. Salunkhe, Techno-economic evaluation of drip and fan-jet irrigation in sugarcane agriculture, ibid; 190-197
  • A. S. Patil, Use of bio-fertilizers in sugarcane agriculture, Proceedings of the Seminar on Organic Farming, Regional Bio-fertilizer Develop. Centre, Nagpur; 2004; 1-19
  • Y. S. Nerkar, Present scenario and thrust areas for increasing sugarcane and sugar productivity in India, Financing Agriculture, 36(4),2004 ; Agricultural Finance Corporation Ltd.
  • Y. S. Nerkar, Genes, sugarcane and society, Teachers Day Presentation, IARI, New Delhi, Sep.2004
  • Y. S. Nerkar, Agricultural biotechnology with reference to Konkan, Presentation at the National Seminar on Agricultural biotechnology, Chiplun, January 2005
  • S. P. Pachpute, R. N. Bhosale and M. B. Londhe, Estimation of uncertainty measurement for sugar colour in solution; Method GS 1/2 –8, Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune, 2004, M 19-24
  • S. P. Pachpute, Views on cost of production of sugar, ibid, G 12-18
  • R. N. Bhosale, Studies on effect of various process parameters on the quality of plantation white sugar, ibid, G 23-30
  • M. B. Londhe, Scientific evaluation of various parameters responsible for mud settling in cane juice clarification by liming and sulphitation method in plantation white sugar manufacture, ibid, G 19-22
  • K. B. Kale and M. B. Londhe, Brix curve, individual mill extraction and improvement in milling performance, ibid, E 105-122
  • V. P. Sidnale, L. S. Dalvi, M. B. Londhe and P. D. Jadhav, Comparative study of different methods of turbidity measurement of sugar solutions, ibid, M 25-32
  • S. P. Pachpute and R. V. Dani, Reprocessing of raw sugar for export, Proceedings of a One Day DSTA Seminar at Warananagar; February 2005
  • D. B. Jambhale, Evaporation and Efficient Utilization of Steam (in book form), Copies can be obtained from STAI and DSTA. Pages, 212: Price, Rs. 200/-
  • T. S. Ingle, Methods of automatic weighing and bagging of sugar, Proceedings of the 66th Annual Convention of STAI, Chandigarh, 2004; 37-45
  • K. R. Patil, Regenerative feed heating: A tool to improve cogen cycle efficiency, Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune, 2004; E-14-26
  • T. S. Ingle, Views on cost of production of sugar, ibid, G 12-18
  • V. G. Chikhalikar, K. B. Kale, M. B. Londhe, V. P. Sidnale and L. S. Dalvi, Assessment of low pressure extraction system (LPE) working at Vighnahar, Proceedings of the STAI Seminar on the Role of Micronutrients and Minerals in Sugarcane Farming and Alternate Technology for Juice Extraction; Lucknow; 2005; 119 -131
  • S. V. Patil, R. V. Burase, V. K. Jayaraman and B. D. Kulkarni, Critical influence of pH and invertase addition on polyols production by H. anomala in sucrose-based medium, Proceedings of the SPRI-2004 Conference held at Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 461-470
  • R. V. Burase and S. V. Patil, Process development for polyols production by H. anomala in sucrose-based medium: Effect of innoculum size, Proceedings of the 66th Annual Convention of STAI, Chandigarh, 2004, 82-90
  • B. B. Gunjal, M. L. Kadam, R. V. Godage and D. B. Jambhale, Viability of combined cane juice and molasses-based ethanol composite plant attached to sugar mill Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune, 2004, ETH 16-21
  • M. L. Kadam, M. N. Awatade, B. B. Gunjal and T. K. Balwe, Auto-titration system for estimation of sugars, ibid, B 18-23
  • D. B. Sapkal and B. B. Gunjal, Achieving zero water discharge in cane sugar factories, ibid, G 36-43
  • D.S.Nimbalkar and B.B. Gunjal, High rate biphasic anaerobic treatment for distillery spentwash, Technology Meet on Water Management (CII-Godrej Green Business Center, Hyderabad), June 2004 (Presentation)
  • B.B. Gunjal and D.B. Sapkal, Air pollution control system for bagasse based boilers, MEDA Workshop, Vaikunth, Mehta Institute, Pune, March 2005 (Presentation)
  • J. D. Mane, D. L. Kumbhar, and S. P. Phadnis, Influence of aconitic acid content of molasses on alcoholic fermentation, Proceedings of the XXV Congress; Guatemala, 2005; Vol. I; 348-354
  • A. D. Kulkarni; A. V. Yewale, S. D. Borawake and SK Sable, Boiler water quality audit in sugar factory, Proceedings of the 66th Annual Convention of STAI, Chandigarh, 2004; 25-36
  • S. M. Chavan, D.M. Raskar and S.P. Modak, Production of sulphur-free sugar by phosphatation method, ibid, 107-114
  • S. P. Phadnis, Alternatives to sugar, Chemical Weekly; Aug.2004
  • T.G. Kolekar, Sucrose fatty acid esters: a sugar product with promise, Chemical Weekly; Sept. 2004
  • V.S. Dhamankar, Microbial degradation of colouring compounds during sugar manufacturing, Proceedings of the 66th Annual Convention of STAI, Chandigarh, 2004; General and Co-products Sec., 3-9
  • T. K. Balwe, ERP software package for Indian sugar industry, Ibid, 3-9
  • R. B. Chikhale, Differential pressure-based flow measurement optimization, (a) Proceedings of the53rd Annual Convention of DSTA, Pune, 2004, E-33-40, (b) Proceedings of the DSTA sponsored Seminar on Automation in Sugar Industry; Vitthalrao Shinde SSKL, Madha; 2004; 31-36

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