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Alcohol Technology and Environmental Science


Ongoing Projects sanctioned by various Funding Agencies

Assessment of losses in sugarcane yield and sugar recovery due to woolly aphid, early shoot borer and white fly and development of forewarning system for assured rainfall zone and transition zone I and II of Maharashtra. (ICAR ad-hoc research project).
Standardization of multiplication and supply of nucleus culture of a predator, Dipha aphidivora to the sugar factories for the management of Ceratovacuna lanigera in sugarcane (ICAR funded ad-hoc project).
Network project on developing agro-techniques for tropicalized sugar beet in India. (ICAR funded ad-hoc project).
Development of package of practices for meristem cultured plants as a source of seed cane. (ICAR funded project).
Development of diagnostic tools for Sugarcane Grassy Shoot Disease (SCGS) and sequencing of the associated Phytoplasma genome. (DBT funded project).
Characterization and evaluation of chitin binding hevein like anti fungal proteins. (BARC funded project).
Partnering with higher education in India for improving nutritional quality of food by Biotechnological approaches. (USAID-ALO funded project).
Assessment of micronutrient bioavailability nutritive value of tomato and egg plant. (USAID-ALO funded project).
Silicon enrichment in rice for enhanced drought and disease resistance through molecular marker assisted selection. (DBT funded project).
On farm trials of site-specific nutrient management in sugarcane (PPIC funded project).
Potash fertigation for sugarcane. (IPI funded project).
Establishment of sugar beet cultivation & pilot plant for processing of sugar beet (Capacity 100 TBD) in cooperation with sugar factory. (SDF funded project).

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