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Training Programs in Sugar Technology



Human Resource Development is the foremost activity of Sugar Technology Department. The department is having well qualified, experienced staff. As the Sugar Industry is one of the largest and constantly growing industries in India there is always requirement of trained man power. Considering the same, Sugar Technology Department is organizes various short term, need based training programs in addition to the regular courses. Such trainings are divided in class room lectures and industrial training. These training programs are helpful to candidates as well as the Industry.

Teaching and Training is a continuous process in the Institute and the Sugar Technology department is in forefront to equip upcoming technologists with the latest technological developments to enable them to work competitively in the Industry. In addition to regular courses, short term courses and also special tailor-made courses are organized in India and abroad.

Under the academic activities Sugar Technology Department is actively participating in teaching and training for the following courses. [see academics]

Regular Courses
  Name of the course Duration
i) A.V.S.I. (Sugar Tech) Two and half years
ii) S.M.C. (Sugar Tech) One and half year
iii) Sugar Boiling Certificate Six months
iv) Juice Supervision Certificate Six months
Sugar Technology is included as a subject in other courses such as Sugar Engineering Diploma, Sugar Engineering Certificate, Diploma in Sugar Instrumentation Technology and Sugarcane Development. [see course details & course contents]
Short-Term Courses
Short Duration courses are arranged for the benefit of the factory staff and workers to refresh their knowledge. Short duration workshops and seminars are also organized.
  Name of the course Duration
i) Juice Clarification & Evaporation One Week
ii) Pan Boiling & Centrifugals One Week
Special Short Term Training Programs
  Name of the course Duration
i) ICUMSA Training Program 10 days
ii) Refresher Course One Week
iii) Tailor made Courses for Foreign Students 03 to 06 Months

Considering the need of the Sugar Industry, a new short term training program entitled “Chemical Control and Report Preparation” has started from the year 2015.

One day workshops/ seminars are organized at the institute as well as at the factory site to train and upgrade the technical knowledge of skilled and semiskilled employees. Necessary technical notes in printed form also provided to them during these workshops/seminars.

Special training programs for technical staff from foreign countries are arranged as per requirement and request. Under these programs, the department organized and provided tailor made training programs to other countries namely – Ethiopia, Uganda, Iran, Vietnam. Courses in Sugar Technology and Sugar Engineering spread over to 3 years are organized in Fiji for the Technologists and Engineers working in the Sugar Industry to update their knowledge including the latest technology in the industry. Apart from the class room lectures, emphasis was given to actual factory operation. Such training programs helped in increasing the technical knowledge of the technologists, engineers, staff and workers, which ultimately helped improve the technical performance of the sugar factory.

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