Agricultural Engineering - Services

Extension Services

1) Dissemination of information on modern irrigation technology and farm mechanization by conducting seminars, workshops and training programs.

2) Organize the theme based group meetings/ discussions of senior scientists in the field of irrigation management and farm mechanization so as to decide future line of work.

3) Transfer the improved technologies of water management and farm mechanization to sugarcane cultivators through sugar factories by conducting training programs, preparing literature, informative publications, audio-visual films, arranging exhibitions and through media of information technology.

4) Database creation regarding source wise irrigated area and mechanization status.

5) Cane development activities of sugar mills.

6) Give information on irrigation water management and farm mechanization to visitors.

7) Assess the quality of drip irrigation systems and sprinkler pipes in laboratory as per IS specifications.

Drip and Sprinkler Material Testing Services (Accredited by NABL)

Government authorities, drip irrigation system manufacturers, suppliers and farmers can take the advantage of this facility for ascertaining the quality of drip irrigation system components.

Sr. Components Applicable IS Minimum sample required
1 Irrigation lateral 12786 5 M.
2 Emitter 13487 30 No.
3 Emitting pipe 13488 30 M.
4 Sprinkler pipe 14151 1.5m * 2no's(Male and Female Couplers).

* Note: For Testing Charges, contact via email.

Consultancy Services

1) The section provides consultancy services in the field of irrigation water management, mechanization and sugarcane development.

2) The section has expertise for consultancy in cane development, irrigation water management , drainage and mechanization in sugarcane.