Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. .Hostel admission is compulsory for all students. Allotment of rooms to the VSI students will be done by the Hostel Authority after producing Cash Receipt of the Hostel Fees paid. Three students are kept in “D” wing room & two students are kept in “S” wing Room. Allotment done at the commencement of the academic semester will ordinarily remain unchanged throughout the semester, but changes made by the Hostel Authority during the course of the semester are to be accepted by the student. No student should change his room without prior permission of the Hostel Authority.
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  3. At the time of Hostel Admission the student/ parent/ guardian will give an undertaking to the hostel authorities that the student will observe the rules and regulations governing the hostel. Action taken for the misconduct of any student will have to be accepted by the parents.

  4. The students requesting permission to go out of the Hostel on what so ever reasons will do so at their own risk and Hostel Authorities will not be responsible for any mishappenings at the time the student is outside the Hostel.

  5. Smoking, Alcoholic drinks, Gutkha & Tobacco chewing/ spitting are strictly prohibited in the hostel premises and Institute campus.

  6. Use of any equipment which consumes electricity is not allowed.

  7. Student shall take particular care to switch off the light/fan when not inside the room. On failure he will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action.

  8. Student shall take care not to damage or disfigure the hostel equipment and buildings. Student shall not disfigure walls by nails, drawing pens writings, chalk writings, pasting of pictures etc.

  9. Any loss/ damage to the Hostel properties by the student will be recovered from the student.

  10. Student shall behave in such a fashion that the atmosphere in the hostel remains calm and conductive to the studies and leading to a cultural, moral and academic development. Students, who are found to cause nuisance and if the same is established on enquiry, will be dismissed by the Hostel Authority.

  11. Student shall take care to keep room and hostel premises neat and clean.

  12. The main-gate of the Hostel will remain closed from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.daily. Student will be in his Hostel Room before 10.00 p.m.

  13. Guests and visitors shall visit Hostel during 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Student shall take care that Guests/Visitors must leave the premises before 7.00 p.m. Student shall not allow on any occasion to have a guest in room to stay for the night. No lady visitor shall be allowed in the gents hostel.

  14. Student shall not enter in to others room without permission of the other inmates. The hours of the night after 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. are strictly intended for studies and rest.

  15. Student is expected not to leave any money or valuable lying open in rooms. Hostel authorities do not take responsibility for any loss of goods/ money.

  16. Student shall take care that no meetings, seminars, functions, celebrations or gatherings are organized in the hostel premises, except with the prior permission of the Hostel Authorities.

  17. Student shall not undertake repairs of damages etc. to rooms fixtures / furniture. If needed any repair student will report it to the Hostel Authority immediately who will then arrange to get it repaired.

  18. Moving the hostel property (Bed, Chair, Table) from the room is not allowed.

  19. All matters relating to differences amongst students, the nuisance/ inconvenience caused by student/ students or conduct and any complaints shall be informed to the Hostel Authority.

  20. The Institute shall have full powers to expel any student from the hostel if he is found undesirable for any reason to be a resident in the Hostel.

  21. Student suffering from bodily disorders, injury or sickness should immediately report the matter to the Hostel Authority and seek medical help from the dispensary.

  22. Disciplinary action will be taken against the student for wilfull disobedience or defiance of authorities in any observation of the hostel rules causing damage to any person or anti- national activities. This action may be a fine, expulsion and/or forfeiture of the degree/diploma/ certificate to be awarded to the students according to the nature of the offences.

  23. Ragging is totally prohibited. Student who indulges in ragging, a disciplinary action will be taken against him i.e. suspension, expulsion from the course.

  24. In case there is complaint of ragging the offender will be prosecuted under the law over and above the action taken by the Institute.

  25. Students shall vacate the room after completing the final examination of the semester immediately.

  26. Hostel fee is not refundable to the students expelled from the hostel on disciplinary grounds.

However, matter which are not covered by rules above, the decisions will rest on the absolute discretion of the Institute’s Authorities.