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Technical Performance of Sugar Factories in Maharashtra State [Comparative for Two Seasons A (Current) and B (Previous)]

1. Technical Performance of Sugar Industry In Maharashtra

2. Important Reference Tables & Graphs

Table – I Five Year Seasonal Statistics of Sugar Factories
Table – II Zone-wise Seasonal Operations At a Glance
Table – III Zone-wise Distribution of Number of Sugar Factories Achieving Standard Norms
Table – IV
(A) & (B)
Special Features of Maharashtra Sugar Industry
Table – V
(A) & (B)
Region-wise Comparative Statistics of Maharashtra
Graph – I (a) Region-wise Cane Crushing and Sugar Production
(b) Region-wise Recovery % and Pol % Cane
Graph – II (a) Cane Crushing, Sugar Production of Maharashtra
(b) Recovery %, Pol % Cane, Total Losses of Maharashtra
Graph – III (a) Standard Norm Achievement % by Sugar Factories of Maharashtra
(b) Zone & State level Performance

3. Production & Technical Tables

Table – VI Production Tables: Seasons A and B
Table – VII Technical Tables: Seasons A and B

4. Frequency & Rank Tables

Table –
1 to 28
Frequency Distribution and Top Three Ranked Sugar Factories on Technical Parameters

5. Comparative Data Reports

Report No.1: Time Account, Cane Crushing, Sugar Production and Capacity Utilization %
Report No.2: Cane Quality and Milling Data
Report No.3: Cane Analysis and Boiling House Data
Report No.4: Boiling House Data: Analysis of Massecuite and Molasses
Report No.5: Boiling House Data: Purity Drop From Massecuite to Heavy Molasses and Boiling House Efficiency
Report No.6: Pol Balance and Grade-wise Sugar Production %
Report No.7: Filter Cake and Bagasse Data
Report No.8: Chemical Consumption and Grade-wise Sugar Production

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