Multimacronutrient (N-8%, P-8%, K-8%)
    Multimicronutrient (Grade II: Fe-2.5%, Mn-1%, Zn-3%, Cu-1%, Mo- 0.1%, B-0.5%)

    Instructions for use of liquid fertilizer for Sugarcane -

    First spray: 60 days after planting or ratooning
    • Second spray: 90 days after planting or ratooning

    • Recommended dose for sugarcane crop -
       Multimicronutrient @ 5.0 litre/acre and Multimacronutrient @ 5.0 litre/acre in two splits.

    • Mix Multimicronutrient 2.0 litre and Multimacronutrient 2.0 litre liquid fertilizer in 200 litres of water and spray    the solution on sugarcane leaves at 60 days after planting or ratooning for one acre area.

    • Mix Multimicronutrient 3.0 litre and Multimacronutrient 3.0 litre liquid fertilizer in 300 liters of water and spray    the solution on sugarcane leaves at 90 days after planting or ratooning for one acre area.

    • Spraying should be done on both surfaces of Leaves with the solution.
    • Clean the spray pump with water before use and do not use herbicide pump without washing.
    • Do not use saline water for spraying.

    • It enhances the growth of sugarcane.
    • Increases sugarcane yield by 6 to 8 tons per acre.

    VSI’s Microsol - (Water soluble solid Micronutrient mixture)

    VSI- Microsol – (Grade I : Fe- 2.0%, Mn-1.0%, Zn-5.0%, Cu-0.5%, B - 1.0%, Mo-0.0%) for soil or drip application.

    Recommended dose and time of application
    Soil application
    Apply 5 kg/acre at planting and 5 kg/acre at earthing up with FYM.

    Application through drip
    Apply 2.5 kg in 100 lit. water at planting, 60, 120 and 180 days after planting through drip.

    Characteristics of VSI’ s Microsol

    • It is totally water soluble micronutrient mixture
    • It contain organic chelating agent.
    • It is useful for drip as well as soil application.


    • It enhances the photosynthesis rate & increases chlorophyll content.
    • It helps in metaboilic activities in plants. Helps in cell division & cell formation.
    • It increases internal sugar movement and also increase in cane & sugar productivity.

    VSI - Humic (10%)

    Dose (2 ltr./Acre)
    • Dissolve 1 lit VSI Humic in 200 lit water and apply through drip irrigation or drenching @ Planting and 120 days after planting.

    • Increases the availability of nutrients and easily available to plants
    • Accelerating germination
    • Improves water holding capacity of soil
    • Increases the physical and biological fertility of soil
    • Store in cool and dark place
    • Keep away from children
    • Close the lid tightly
    • Shake well before use


    Specification (N:P:K 15:15:15) 100% Water soluble mixture of fertilisers

    1) Dose of application for Sugarcane:
       Multimacronutrient ( N:P:K 15:15:15) @ 3.5 kg/acre in two splits
    • First foliar application: Multimacronutrient 1.5 kg/acre in 200 liters of water after 60 days of planting or ratooning .
    • Second foliar application: Multimacronutrient 2.0 kg/acre in 300 liters of water after 90 days of planting or ratooning .

    2) Characteristics of Multimacronutrient ( N:P:K 15:15:15)
    • It is totally water soluble fertilizer mixture
    • It contains Nirogen in ammonical and nitrate form.
    • It is useful for foliar application .