Instructions for use of liquid fertilizer for Sugarcane -


    Multimacronutrient (N-8%, P-8%, K-8%)
    Multimicronutrient (Grade II: Fe-2.5%, Mn-1%, Zn-3%, Cu-1%, Mo- 0.1%, B-0.5%)

    First spray: 60 days after planting or ratooning
    • Second spray: 90 days after planting or ratooning

    • Recommended dose for sugarcane crop -
       Multimicronutrient @ 5.0 litre/acre and Multimacronutrient @ 5.0 litre/acre in two splits.

    • Mix Multimicronutrient 2.0 litre and Multimacronutrient 2.0 litre liquid fertilizer in 200 litres of water and spray the     solution on leaves of the crop for one acre area.

    • Mix Multimicronutrient 3.0 litre and Multimacronutrient 3.0 litre liquid fertilizer in 300 liters of water and spray the   solution on the crop for one acre area.
    • Spraying should be done on both surfaces of Leaves with the solution.
    • Clean the spray pump with water before use and do not use herbicide pump without washing.
    • Do not use saline water for spraying.
    • It enhances the growth of sugarcane.
    • Increases sugarcane yield by 6 to 8 tons per acre.

    VSI’s Microsol - (Water soluble solid Micronutrient mixture)

    VSI- Microsol – (Grade I : Fe- 2.0%, Mn-1.0%, Zn-5.0%, Cu-0.5%, B - 1.0%, Mo-0.0%) for soil or drip application.

    Recommended dose and time of application
    Soil application
    Apply 5 kg/acre at planting and 5 kg/acre at earthing up with FYM.

    Application through drip
    Apply 2.5 kg in 100 lit. water at planting, 60, 120 and 180 days after planting through drip.

    Characteristics of VSI’ s Microsol

    • It is totally water soluble micronutrient mixture
    • It contain organic chelating agent.
    • It is useful for drip as well as soil application.


    • It enhances the photosynthesis rate & increases chlorophyll content.
    • It helps in metaboilic activities in plants. Helps in cell division & cell formation.
    • It increases internal sugar movement and also increase in cane & sugar productivity.

    VSI - Humic (12%)
    Dose (2 ltr./Acre)
    • Dissolve 1 lit Humisupik in 200 lit water and apply through drip irrigation or drenching @ 60 and 120 days after

    • Increases the availability of nutrients and easily available to plants
    • Accelerating germination
    • Improves water holding capacity of soil
    • Increases the physical and biological fertility of soil
    • Store in cool and dark place
    • Keep away from children
    • Close the lid tightly
    • Shake well before use


    Specification (N:P:K 15:15:15) 100% Water soluble mixture of fertilisers

    1) Dose of application for Sugarcane:
    Multimacronutrient ( N:P:K 15:15:15) @ 3.5 kg/acre in two splits
    • First foliar application: Multimacronutrient 1.5kg/acre in 200 liters of water after 60 days of planting or ratooning .
    • Second foliar application: Multimacronutrient 2.0kg/acre in 300 liters of water after 90 days of planting or ratooning .

    2) Characteristics of Multimacronutrient ( N:P:K 15:15:15)
    • It is totally water soluble fertilizer mixture
    • It contains Nirogen in ammonical and nitrate form.
    • It is useful for foliar application .