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Paper Publications from 1986 to 2018 – 274Nos.

Award winning articles


1. “ A note on solid colour balance, 39th Annual Proceeding of DSTA, Pune
M. B. Londhe S. Y. Jadhav, & A. A. Zende
(Best Paper Award)


2. “ Survey of Sugar quality in Maharashtra Sugar Factory.” Proceeding -1 of DSTA 40th Annual
Convention 1990
S. Y. Jadhav , M. B. Londhe & R. N. Bhosale
(First prize in manufacturing section)


3. “ Study on Keeping Quality of Sugar Decoration Storage. DSTA 41th Annual Convention
M. B. Londhe , R. N. Bhosale S. Y. Jadhav & A A. Zende 1991
(Best Paper Award)


4. “ Comparative Study of different A Massesuite Boling techniques with special reference to export
quality Sugar.” in D.S.T.A. Annual Convention held in Sept. 1992, at Pune. P. No. M-1
A. A. Zende, M. B. Londhe, R. N. Bhosale
(Best Paper Award)


5. “ Study of Keeping Quality of Plantation White Sugar during Storage Part-1 43 DSTA Annual
R. N. Bhosale, M. B. Londhe, A. A. Zende
( Awarded- Dr. Shriogakar Memorial and Late Vasantdada Memorial )


6. “Short Retention Clarifier Factory Trails. STAI 58th Annual Convention 1997
M. B. Londhe, R. N. Bhosale, S. P. Pachpute, M.N. Kotesthane
(Silver medal)


7. Separate Treatment of Primary and Secondary Juice for Better Quality of
Sugar - Proceedings of the 49th session of DSTA, Pune, 2000, Tech., M1-M7
M.B. Londhe, S.A. Kate, R.N. Bhosale, R.K. Padalkar & S.B. Karava .
(Second best paper in manufacturing section)


8. Effect of pH of sugar solution on sugar colour measurement - Presented at
DSTA annual convention, Sept., 2002
R.N. Bhosale, M.B. Londhe, C.V Codse and Dr. G.M. Jenekar
(Second best paper in manufacturing section)


9. Assessment of two roller mill performance at Sanjivani (Takali) SSK. Ltd and Dr. Baburao
Bapuji Tanpure SSK Ltd, Rahuri, DSTA 2003
K.B. Kale, M.B. Londhe, T.S. Ingale and R.N. Bhosale,
(Second best paper in sugar engineering)

10. “Importing of Raw sugar and its processing” was presented in S.T.A.I. seminar held on 27th March
2004 at Udaypur, Rajasthan on the subject alternate processes of sugar refining. P.No.77-87.
S.P.Pachapute, D.B.Jambale ,R.V. Dani,
This paper was selected as best paper in seminar. (Best paper in seminar)


11. "Short retention juice sulphitor factory scale trials" DSTA Annual
Convention on 15th to 17th Sept. 2006, at Pune, pp. M46-M56
Londhe M.B., Bhosale R.N., Kale K.B., Genge K.B., Shinde V.V. and Patil M.Y.
(Best paper in manufacturing section)


12. Replacement to Phosphoric Acid In Plantation White
Sugar Manufacture 70th Annual Convention of STAI held at Udaipur, 10-25
Dani, R. V.,.Bhosale, R. N, Taware, S. M., Genge, K. B. and Khandekar A. D. (2009)
(Received silver medal award of the Best paper in manufacturing session).


13. “Effective use of VLJH for achieving higher heat transfer coefficient – An attempt for reducing
steam consumption“ by Dr. M. B. Londhe, R. V. Dani, K. B. Genge & Vishwajeet Shinde presented during 10th joint convention of
(Received STAI Silver Medal Award)

14. “Reduction in Turbidity in clear juice – A case study of Sanjivani (T) SSK “ by V. P. Sidanale , Mr.
Bhandari & Dr. M. B. Londhe presented during 10th joint convention of STAI & DSTA.
(Received first prize of DSTA)

15. “Present status of ETP and recent Technologies for Zero Discharge in Sugar Industry”, by
D.B.Sapkal, R.V.Dani & J. N. Bhaumik during 42nd Annual convention of SISSTA.
(Received Best Paper Award)


16. “Rapid and Automatic Analytical Method for Sucrose Base Cane Payment",
by Dani R.V. & Dr. Bhosale, R.N. presented during 72nd joint convention of STAI.
(Received STAI Noel Deer Gold Medal Award)

17. “Production of Low colored Plantation White Sugar Case Studies in Season 2011-12”,
by Dani R.V. & Dr. Sidanale V.P. during 42nd Annual convention of SISSTA.
(Received Gold Medal Award)


18. “Advantages of B-double curing to control final molasses purity” , Proceedings of 48rd
Annual Convention of SISSTA 2018, page 317-322
Dr. Dani RV, Dr.Bhosale R.N. & Simanchal Panda,
(Silver medal)