Sugar Technology Laboratory

VSI Sugar Technology Department has a state-of-the-art equipped Sugar Laboratory for analysis of sugar, molasses and other intermediate products from sugar manufacturing process and boiler water.

While exporting refined/raw sugar, quality control is one of the important areas. VSI sugar laboratory helps in assessing refined/raw sugar quality.
This laboratory provides analytical services to all the concerned dealing with sugar and other byproducts as per demand. Around 650 sugar and molasses samples are analysed per year for the parameters requested by the clients.
The Manager of the laboratory is working as Associate referee for the ICUMSA. The laboratory has participated three times in collaborative testing organized by the ICUMSA. The results obtained were to the level of expectations of the ICUMSA.

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The sugar laboratory of the Sugar Technology Department has achieved accredited status as per ISO/IEC 17025 from “National Accreditation Board for Testing and calibration Laboratories (NABL), New Delhi with effect from June 2003

Salient Features of Sugar Laboratory

1) The sugar laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated instruments

2) International (ICUMSA) and National (IS) standard methods are adopted for the analysis.

3) A total of 19 test parameters are under the scope of accreditation for sugar and molasses

4) The staff working in the laboratory is having vast experience of sugar manufacturing process of refined, white, raw sugar and its analysis

5) The test reports of the laboratory has international acceptance.

Scope of NABL accredited Laboratory

Sr Specific test or types of test performed Method of Analysis
1 Colour in solution (ICUMSA color) GS2/3-10 (2011), IS: 5982- 2003
2 Colour in solution (ICUMSA color) GS9/1/2/3-8 (2011)
3 Colour in solution (ICUMSA color) GS2/3-9 (2005)
4 Colour in solution (ICUMSA color) GS1/3–7 (2011)
5 Sugar moisture by loss on drying GS2/1/3/9-15 (2007), IS: 5982- 2003
6 Reducing sugar GS2/9-6 (2011), IS: 5982- 2003
7 Reducing sugar % GS4/3-3 (2007)
8 Total reducing sugars GS4/3-7 (2011), IS: 1162- 1999
9 Insoluble matter % GS2/3/9-19 (2007)
10 Polarisation in White Sugar % GS2/3-1 (2011), IS: 5982- 2003
11 Polarisation in Raw Sugar % GS1/2/3/9-1 (2011)
12 Conductivity ash % GS1/3/4/7/8-13 (1994)
13 Conductivity ash % GS2/3/9-17 (2011), IS: 5982- 2003
14 Sulphated ash % GS1/3/4/7/8-11 (1994), IS: 1162- 1999
15 Sulphite or SO2 content GS2/1/7/9-33 (2011); IS: 5982- 2003
16 Reducing sugar % GS1/3/7-3(2005)
17 Grain size group of crystal sugar IS: 498- 2003
18 Colour of crystal sugar IS: 498- 2003
19 Density in degree Brix IS: 1162 - 1958