Environmental Science - Services

The Department of Environmental Sciences offers following services-

1. Environmental Clearance/ Environmental Impact Assessment. (See our Client list below)
Environmental Clearance/Consent compliance reports.

2. Water and wastewater services (see our client list below)
a. Detailed project reports for new ETP, up-gradation of existing ETP, new CPU, spray pond overflow treatment plant, STP (sewage treatment plant)
b. Supervision of erection & commissioning of above
c. Assessment of ETP adequacy and water balance reports, validation and revalidation of reports
d. ETP design and vetting of designs
e. Trouble shooting for operation and maintenance problems

3. Environmental Audit/ Environmental Statement Report.
Hazardous Waste Audit

4. Adequacy assessment for Air Pollution Control Devices

5. Detailed project report for setting up of Environmental Laboratory.....

6. Environmental Monitoring & Analytical Services (air & stack, water, wastewater, noise, soil, solid & hazardous waste, compost).
(list of parameters analyzed are given below)

7. Consultancy for waste reduction and utilization.

8. Treatabilty studies.

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